Hausgeist or I wish You Were Here


In their new solo performance, Navaridas & Deutinger humorously and poetically explore the dialectics of uselessness versus usefulness and visibility versus invisibility in the guise of a ghostly artist or and artistic ghost. After long months of ‘ghost game performances’ without spectators in the theater, this is an evening in front of a live audience with an un/real ghost.

Premiere June 15th 2021, Haus 2, Schauspielhaus Graz

23, 24, 25 JUN, 21 SEP, 8, 15 OCT


Concept Alex Deutinger and Marta Navaridas Direction & Choreography Marta Navaridas Text Alex Deutinger Performance Alex DeutingerCostumes & Stage Matthias Dielacher Sound Design & Live music Manuel Riegler Artistic Research_Florin Flueras, Christoph Szalay Outside Eyes Monika Klenger, Jacob Banigan Production Manager Sophie Schmeiser / mollusca productions Production_Performanceinitiative 22  Co-production Schauspielhaus Graz  Supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Graz, Kultur Land Steiermark Thanks to Everyone who shared their ghosts stories Photos Johanna Lamprecht